About Us

Mytech System Solutions Inc. was founded in downtown Toronto over 25 years ago by our principal Mike Ghassemi, a seasoned highly-skilled IT professional. Today we serve our clients & their offices through Canada and United States. 

For over two decades, we have provided and continue to provide sound, simplified Information Technology services at an exceptional value to our clients. While specializing in small to medium size business IT operation, we have carried out a variety of projects for larger organizations through our many years of service. We operate differently than most IT companies by viewing our role as an essential partner to your business rather than just an external provider.

With our extensive experience, high standards and through sound technology recommendations, we have been able to assist our clients to maintain a first-class enterprise-grade infrastructure without breaking their IT budgets. Our experienced team of IT professionals are here and will be thrilled to assist you with any of your IT needs.

For most of our clients we act as their IT department by assisting them with all their technology needs. We can take over your IT operation entirely or assist your internal team to achieve higher IT standards, efficiency & improve the integrity and security of your IT infrastructure.